Fishing on the lake and rapids

Lentiira Holiday Village is ideally located by the diverse fishing waters. On the lake, you can sneak in the yard or look for suitable places by boat. You can go grayling and trout fishing to the nearest Änättikoski, or to Lentuankoski and Pajakkakoski in the center of Kuhmo, which is a half-hour drive away.

Summer months we organize fishing camps where you can get acquainted with the secrets of fishing under the guidance of professionals in the field. On the Kalalla Kainuussa website you will find useful information about fishing opportunities in the area.

Lake fishing in Lentiira

At Lentiirajärvi you can catch pike, pike and perch. The lake has a relatively narrow and deep profile, and the fishing area extends to Vehmasselä north of the village center. On the riverside side you will find sheltered coves for snoring, and peaceful fireplaces where you can beach for a snack. In the fish cottage on the shore of the holiday village, you can catch your catch conveniently. It is nice to fry fresh fish for dinner at the courtyard hut or barbecue area.

Fly-fishing in Änättikoski rapids

Änättikoski flows strongly only 4 - 5 kilometers from Lentiira Holiday Village. Located some 5 km from our resort, the rapids makes a perfect setting to catch trout and grayling. In addition to a convenient throwing pier, you will find a covered fire place on the shore of a popular fishing destination, as well as a parking space a few hundred seas away. Along the river you can walk in the shelters of the forest, where you will find your own peaceful spot.

Fishing permits for rapids and lake

For the rapids of Kaarneenkoski, Vuonteenkoski & Nivanvirta and Änättikoski the most convenvient way to get fisihng permit is in our online shop.

Permit for Lake Lentiiranjärvi finds in the online store.Permits can also be obtained from the reception of Lentiira Holiday Village. Please call advance to be sure our reception is open.

Equipment rental

Lentiira Holiday Village rents out boats and fishing equipment. In winter times we propose even ice-fishing trips together with an experienced guide. When booking a cottage please mention the need for equipment rental or related service.




Summer season starts usually after volatile spring months of April and May. Until late October the waters are running free for fishing and other activities, and, forests will be accessible for exploration. Below you find what to do in Lentiira during summer times. We support self-guided activities with best tips and equipment rental covering bikes, boats, canoes and fishing equipment. We provide also some guided programs and holiday packages for you to choose.


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