Bicycle excursions in Lentiira.

Biking from village to village

Cycling is a great way to explore Lentiira and the neighboring villages. We propose routes for both the laid-back Sunday cyclist and the more sporty type who welcomes moderate challenge. With the exception of the Änätti road marathon, the suggested routes run mainly along quiet village roads.

The Village Tour showcases village attractions including the Kirveskansa Monument and Lentiira Church, located on a magnificent rocky plot by the lake. Snack meald can be enjoyed by campfires at the village house or in the cooking shed of Änättikoski.

For the culturally oriented traveller, we recommend the Rimmi tour, where you can get familiar with Viena Karelian culture and participate in the Kultalähde excursion in the border zone. * The starting point of the gold source tour is Uljaskan Pirtti in Vartius village. The Kultalähde excursions are organized by Vienan Portti, and they must be booked well in advance.

Suggested bike tours

 - Lentiira Village Tour 12km (Church - Änättikoski - Village House - Kirveskansa Monument)
- Juttua cycling tour 45km (Lentiirantie - Juttuantie - Niemiahontie)
- Lipukkavaara cycling tour 30km (Käntinsalmentie - Lipukkavaara - Kokkovaarantie)
- Iivantiira cycling tour 63km (Käntinsalmentie - Iivantiira - Malilanniemi - Juttuantie - Lentiirantie)
- Änätti Road Marathon 43km (912 - Änätinpääntie - Kostamustie- Lehtovaarantie)
- Rimmi visit and and Kultalähde tour* 55km

Distances are rough estimates of the round trip. Check the locations and distances before you hit the road. is a great tool for checking routes.


Security and tour etiquette

The suggested routes run in an area with little service and not always well marked. Please make sure someone close knows where you are going and that you have enough water and snacks with you. It is important that the trekker does not leave any traces of his visit in the terrain. Garbage can be brought to the Lentiira Holiday Village recycling point. You can find a wider instructions on tour etiquette on the website.


Kokkovaara bike tour 47€/person

Duration  approx. 4 hours
Level Mediocre 40 km
Avalability  From Monday to Satruday at 10:00-14:00
Package includes briefing, route map, basic bike and survival package.


Summer season starts usually after volatile spring months of April and May. Until late October the waters are running free for fishing and other activities, and, forests will be accessible for exploration. Below you find what to do in Lentiira during summer times. We support self-guided activities with best tips and equipment rental covering bikes, boats, canoes and fishing equipment. We provide also some guided programs and holiday packages for you to choose.


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