A couple snowhoeing on the ice in lake Lentiira.

Snowshoe treks in the snow-white landscape

Snowshoe trekking is both easy and sporty way of enjoying nature during the arctic winter. It is sure to bring smile on your lips!

During a snowshoe hike, you can follow trails of wild animals and enjoy winter scenery of pine forests, swamps and ice-covered lake.

From Lentiira Holiday Village you could easily make a snowhoe trek to the nearby Selkäsaari, the tiny, yet photogenic Aonon saari island, or, the monument of Kirveskansa Church.

Torvilampi lean-to is yet another destiantion that goes throught the snow-coverd forest enabling you to have a well-earned break in the middle of wilderness after 4km snowshoe trek.

Piirakkapuoti serves coffee and fresh delicacies every Saturday morning from 9AM to 1PM. You can reach the cafeteria snowhoeing across the lake, or, with a kickledge on the village road. The distance is approximately 3km one way.

Snowshoe rental

You can rent snowshoe equipment for few hours or for the whole day, starting from 10€/hour. See the selection of snowhoes on our equipment rental page.

The lightweight snowshoe is suitable for a wide range of snow conditions, from hay, powder and padded routes. Especially, for a "Sunday hiker" or nature photographer, snowshoeing is a notable form of movement.

The sliding snowshoe, on the other hand, is a ski-type device that combines the features of a snowshoe and traditional forest ski. With sliding shoes, you can move agilely in different terrains.

When booking accommodation in the Lentiira Village´s online store, you can mention equipment requests in the additional information line. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Selkäsaari snowshoe trek

Self-guided snowshoe trek to nearby Selkäsaari island. You can determine the length of the trip yourself, as the island is quite large but is within sight of Lentiira Holiday Village. Picnic lunch can be enjoyed at our hut by the campfire. Our tour package includes three (3) hour snowshoe rental, route instructions and a picnic lunch. Price 33€/person, with sliding snowshoes 48€/person.

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Nordic winter wonders

Winter season is wonderful time to relax and enjoy the absolutely beautiful snow-covered scenery. Some five months lasting layer of ice and snow offer fantastic opportunities to experience winter wonders the northern latitudes. Here you find the best ideas and programs for winter and Christmas holidays in Lentiira. In addition to equipment rental - snowshoes, backcountry skis, ice fishing equipment - we also provide all-inclusive holiday programs.


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