Finnish Sauna Tradition for Happiness and Health

Sauna is the core essence of Finnish lifestyle. One might claim it is the key factor to the  Happiness rate of Finns, indeed! Nothing compares to the relaxing effect of löyly as we call the heat spreading from the saunas stove. Not to talk about a refreshing dip into the lake in between the warming up rounds.

Lentiira holiday Village’e sauna building embodies a traditional smoke sauna and neat electrical sauna both equipped with modern showers. The spacious chill room features fireplace and small kitchen corner that makes it suitable for relaxed soirées.

Birch punch - or vasta as we call it - is traditional self-healing method related to sauna culture. Making vasta means collecting suitable branches from birch trees, preparing them in a particular manner and in the end binding it all together. Vasta-making workshops are available in June and July.

Smoke Sauna prices

  • Summer for two persons 38€/hour, additional persons 12€.
  • Winter for two persons 50€/hour, additional person 15€.
    Prices apply to our accommodating guests. To rent sauna and chill room for private gatherings, please ask for an offer. 

Massage and Herbal Healing Treatments

Rejuvenating health benefits of sauna might be enhanced with a variety of natural therapies. Herbal footbath & punching, cupping, Kalevalan massage, peat treatments and/or reflexology will be conducted by local natural therapists. Ask for availability and book your appointment in advance.

Soireés at sauna chill room

Get together with friends or family at our sauna chill room. Catering and drinks available. Here some examples of menus.


Taste of the East
Karelian seljanka 
Salmon pie "kukko" with smooth cabbage salad
Hiilikka rye bread and butter

Smoked fish classic
Smoked salmon & tartar-sauce
House green salad
Hiilikka rye bread and butter


UNESCO Recognition for Sauna

Year 2020 Finnish sauna culture was added to UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The sauna tradition is the first and without doubt undisputed aspect of Finnish culture to make the prestigious list.





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