Moose crossing road in Lentiira during wildlife safari.

Chase the brilliant business ideas in Kainuu

In Kainuu, brilliant ideas are born as a by-product when rambling in the wilderness. Bring your creative team to experience, see, and set in motion creative processes in our mythical landscapes. Lentiira Holiday Village offers an inspiring business package that includes the inspiring mammal hunting program and the best bits of local lifestyle. Depending on the season, you can choose one of the following themes for your chase:


1. Meet with Moose - the king of forest

Despite its enormous size, meeting an agile and wise moose is an impressive experience. The goal of a dog-assisted moose trip is to get within sight and photoshooting distance with the forest king. Under the guidance, you will learn to read the wind, proceed cautiously, and, take advantage of the rare opportunity that comes before you. A successful yacht boosts your self-esteem and you will surely achieve the goals you have set for yourself! Moose trip is available from August to December.

2. Reset while waiting the wild brown bear

The strenght of the wild brown bear rises from enough rest, after all, it sleeps a full six months of winter! Bear watching is both a relaxed and exciting journey. In the hiding hut, you will practice patience and emptying your mind while waiting to see the wild brown bear. Thoughts that have been buzzing in silence are guaranteed to begin to refine when you finally get to ball them out loud with colleagues! If photography is your passion, ask for a suitable observation location designed photography purposes. The bear tour is available from April to October.

3. Boost your business with pike chase

Pike fishing requires attention, but it’s also an chilled outdoor activity that at best brings a snack on your plate. Already in the time of our ancestors, pike bones were used for harvest luck, and no doubt the pike catch also has a positive imopact on your business success as well! During the fishing trip, we will will provide you with preliminary quidance, after which you can go fishing or ice fishing on your own. The pike fishing program is available all year round, with the exception of May and November-December.


Accommodation and meeting facilities

Not to forget the actual business goals, your group has at its disposal a cozy Aurinkosali with lake landscat. With the help of a video cannon and internet connections, you can hold the necessary brainstorming sessions and eventual Teams meetings without disturbing anyone. To keep you alert, we provide you with tasty dark-roasted organic coffee accompanied with traditional rönttönen pastries.

We offer accommodation in comfortable, recently renovated cottages on the shore of Lake Lentiira. We serve tasty game and fish meals in the atmospheric Pirtti restaurant. On excursions lunch is enjoyed by the open fire.

In the evening, the group can recover in our traditional smoke sauna. In winter, the bravest will take a refreshing icebath in the frozen lake.

Book now !

For city dwellers we would recommend a three (3) day Chase package, giving you two full days to focus on the essentials. The price will be specified depending on the program, the size of the group, and the accommodation needs.

Package price for six persons starting from 3440 € / 3 days incl. one theme program of 6h, accommodation with full board meals and smoke sauna, and a group work space as agreed.


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