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Golden Eagle observation 150€

Golden Eagle’s pursuit for its prey under the seemingly stationary layers of snow is a stunning sight. The vigilance nature and magnificent wings of the predator impress observers again and again.

Excursion to the wildlife centre is introduced by the local professional who has been photo-shooting and working with the predators for three decades. Wildlife observation rewards sumptuously the alert and patient visitor!


February - March

150 €/person

6 h incl. introduction and observation in the hide



In addition to golden eagle, the wintery forest hides also other species. Bring along your binoculars and winter warm clothing so that your stay will be comfortable.

Departure to the golden eagle observation excursion starts in the early afternoon at the local wildlife centre. The excursion lasts 6 hours including presentation to the topic and stay in the hide.

From Lentiira Holiday Village there is 45 minutes drive to the wildlife centre. Transfers are not included in the price.


Winter season is wonderful time to relax and enjoy the absolutely beautiful snow-covered scenery. Some five months lasting layer of ice and snow offer fantastic opportunities to experience winter wonders the northern latitudes. Here you find the best ideas and programs for winter and Christmas holidays in Lentiira. In addition to equipment rental - snowshoes, backcountry skis, ice fishing equipment - we also provide all-inclusive holiday programs.

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