Riverside boat trip

A chilled boat trip in the beautiful scenery of the Lentiira River. With good luck you can see waterfowl and forest dwellers along the way. In the middle of the tour we land on the river bank and take a small hike the Töhönpuro brook.

This excursion suits anyone who enjoys spending time out in the waters. For nature photographers the local sceneries offer beautiful frames - pine forests, swamplands and and waterways, not to talk about the species you might encounter during your trip. Bringing your pinocular will pay off.

The suggested lay-by spots are in natural condition with no other facilities  other than campfire pits. Thus, it is very important that you will not leave any marks behind you. You can bring your waste to the recycling points at Lentiira Holiday Village. 

Tour info

May - October

75 minutes

Prize per group
126€ (1 - 3 persons)

Guide and life vests

Lunch break in the campfire. Ask for offer.

Tour description

Departure from the holiday village dock. The riverside boat trip takes about 75 minutes including a 20 minute forest walk to the creek. If desired, a lunch break of 30 minutes at the campfires can be added to the program.

Good to know

Please bring warm clothes so that the coolness of the waters does not come as a surprise. Binoculars and water bottle would be fantastic, too.



Summer season starts usually after volatile spring months of April and May. Until late October the waters are running free for fishing and other activities, and, forests will be accessible for exploration. Below you find what to do in Lentiira during summer times. We support self-guided activities with best tips and equipment rental covering bikes, boats, canoes and fishing equipment. We provide also some guided programs and holiday packages for you to choose.

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