Karhun valokuvausta luonnossa keväällä Lentiirassa

Bear watching evening

There are three nature centers nearby where you can observe native predators from a hidden stall. The most popular sighting is a bear, but it is not uncommon to also see a wolverine, wolf, golden eagle or other wilderness dwellers.

We work with three companies that specialize in wildlife observation, and we sell the service at a list price for each company. We book the most suitable destination for our guests according to their wishes and availability.

Program info

June - October 

5 - 6h

99-150 €/person

Info, snacks and wildlife observation in the hide

Not inlcuded



We leave for the hide in the early evening and stay in the stall until dusk. The program starts with the initial information conducted by the respective host before entering the hideout.

What to say

Please bring binoculars, water bottle and perhaps a camera. Be prepared for mosquitoes and inclement weather.




Summer season starts usually after volatile spring months of April and May. Until late October the waters are running free for fishing and other activities, and, forests will be accessible for exploration. Below you find what to do in Lentiira during summer times. We support self-guided activities with best tips and equipment rental covering bikes, boats, canoes and fishing equipment. We provide also some guided programs and holiday packages for you to choose.

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