Local sights

Visiting the Kirveskansa memorial, old cemetery and wooden Church gives glimpses of past and historical perspective to the village life. Run by local grandmothers, the Piirakkapuoti cafe is the undisputed social center of the area. Open every Saturday morning hours, the cafe and flea market are definitely worth a visit all year round.


Canoeing and boating

Splash yourself into the clear waters of Lentiira! Canoe or boat trip is a great opportunity to discover the beautiful landscape from waterfront perspective. Being a genuine paradise for any sailor or fisherman, Lentiira Holiday village provides you with boat, canoe and fishing equipment rental services, and, guided tours.


Hiking in the wild

Hiking is the best way to explore the boreal forest, boglands, and, their species. Straight from the resort you can easily immerse yourself in the surrounding nature. Also the UKK trail, the vastest network of trekking routes in Finland, goes through Lentiira village. Within less than half an hour drive there are several interesting natural protection areas for you to discover – Iso-Palonen, Juortanansalo-Lapinsuo and Lentua.


Watching birds and wildlife

Once the ice stars melting around May, the Lake Lentiira hosts bypassing swans, curlews and other birdlife. Binoculars recommended! Being part of the boreal taiga zone, the surrounding wilderness is also an abode for bears, wolfs and wolverines. At the local Wildlife centres you can watch these wonderful mammals in their natural environment. Patience pays while you sit in the hide waiting.


Picking berries and mushrooms

Picking wild berries, mushrooms and herbs gives a taste to the local lifestyle at its best! Due to everyman’s rights you can do this practically anywhere in Finland. Wild herbs are usually best in the beginning of the summer. Cloudberry starts the berry season around late July/early August followed by blueberries, lingonberries and cranberries. Mushrooms mature late summer.


Hunt and fishing

Hunting is a popular sport and tradition in Kainuu area. The surrounding wilderness is no doubt an excellent setting for hunting small game and elk. For any fisher nearby lakes and streams provide a great setting to catch perch, pike, whitefish, among others. Lentiira Holiday Village hosts hunting programs, and, rents boats, fishing equipment and licences to fish in the area.


Nature photography

No matter season, the boreal landscape features a constant change of light, colours and other elements of nature. This fascinating shift we will explore together with our joyful nature photography workshops and treks. Available also empowering Photo Portraits in the Wild that encourages you to unforgettable journey - within and out.


Aurora borealis and Midnight sun

Weeks around midsummer holds the special occasions to experience the midnight sun that never sets. Aurora borealis occurs in the dark night skies of fall and winter. These magical phenomena are typical for our northern latitudes, even if we can’t ever predict northern lights visibility for 100%. In any case, nightly stargazing and early morning mist will astonish you with their beauty no matter what

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