Lentiira Holiday Village provides you with a great selection of outdoor activities. The vast wilderness features outstanding boreal forest and endless swamps to discover, not to talk about the extensive waterways that enabls you to travel long distances on a boat or skis in winter.

Have a look on the suggested summer and winter activities, and, the add-on services that we offer all year round. We have also tailored various holiday packages programmed with guided activities. Please ask for details of our Yoga & Hiking Retreats, Wild photography weekends, Fishing and Hunting programs, multi-activity outdoors programs for winter and summer, and, Christmas and New Year’s packages.


Preparing yourself for adventure

When heading for a trek outdoors, the most important things that you can bring along are: patience, proper, layered clothing, and, something to eat & drink. Further, you will thank yourself of having full-charged the batteries of the eventual digital equipment that you carry along. Always tell someone your plans where you are heading. And don’t forget the matches!

At the Lentiira Holiday Village reception you’ll have maps and info sheets about the nearby trekking routes and spots of interest. Nature Centre Petola is the best place in Kuhmo to tell you about the wilderness, its species and peculiarities of the whole wild taiga area. We even recommend luontoon.fi and retkikartta.fi online sources to help you with planning your trek outdoors be it in a forest or waterway.

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